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Wellness Wednesday Tips & Challenges

Wellness Wednesday Tips & Challenges

Listening to happy music makes a happy YOU! So first thing’s first, check out our latest mix by clicking on the music cover.

Moving forward Onyx has 1 tip and 1 challenge for Wellness Wednesdays. Okay there’s so many tips that we might over deliver since there’s no “too much” in wellness, right? And because when people feel great, they party great! Just kidding, but really when we prioritize our health, we feel more connected, more engaged and just function better. 

Today’s first tip is easy, GET UP AND DRINK A BOTTLE OF WATER! Drinking water as soon as you wake up rehydrates your body immediately. If you think about it, you just went 8 hours without drinking water. You need some! Drinking water early in the day increases your brain power, flushes out toxins, and improves your metabolism. Most importantly water and staying hydrated boosts the immune system. With the coronavirus going around, we must do everything we can to build up our strong bodies. With that, cheers to a morning glass (of water)! 

Our wellness challenge for you is to get those glutes right! So when you come back to the club you can LOOK BACK AT IT!!! We found the perfect 10 min quick video to get that booty looking right for the club. Check out Hype, Noise & Culture, our blog, for easy access. Do this daily and you’ll be the one we are all eye-ing, Okurrr! 

Follow us on Insta at @onyxroomnightclub and tag us doing the challenge work out. We’ll repost!  


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