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Wellness Wednesday Wk 3 Edition

Wellness Wednesday Wk 3 Edition

Happy Wellness Wednesday Onyx Fam! This weeks wellness tip is meant to balance the mind and revive the spirt. That’s right, we’re talking yoga today because let’s be honest it’s better to bend instead of break.

Some of us are good at quarantine and some of us are just waiting to get our life back. Whichever type of person you are, yoga might just make this uncertain time for us a tad bit more mindful while toning us up!

So why yoga? Well, there’s so many reasons but here are our top 2..

1.Physical Benefits: Size and fitness level do not matter in yoga. You just need to start to increase your flexibility. Your body needs to stretch and by doing so you are inevitably increasing muscle strength and toning up. When you kick your day off with yoga, you are jump starting your metabolism and improve your circulatory heath which all lead to weight reduction. And who isn’t shooting for that!

2.Mental Benefits: Yoga has been a way to release stress which is known to have a devastating effect on the body; neck or back pain, sleeping problems, headaches or focusing. Since yoga incorporates breathing and stretching together it provides space for mental clarity. It sharpens the mind, centers attention, and increases body awareness.

We recommend checking out this 10 min Morning Yoga Stretch for beginners that you can easily implement during quarantine. Time goes by fast during this video series and then your are energized for the day.

Then after you’re loose and energized for the day, turn up our Wellness Wednesday mix for the very best in rhythm & blues. It will def get you quickly straight over this hump day.

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