What Are the Best Shoes to Go Clubbing In?
What Are the Best Shoes to Go Clubbing in San Diego, CA

Top Shoes to Wear when You Go Clubbing

Top Shoes to Wear when You Go Clubbing

We often think about shoes made for dancing when we talk about club footwear, but a lot of different types of shoes work great for a night of clubbing. First of all, not everyone who goes to clubs intends to dance all night. Second, you can dance in just about any type of shoes as long as you get used to them. When clubbing was dominated by disco and salsa dancing in the 1970s, women got used to pulling off graceful spin moves in spiky high heels, but there was a learning curve involved. You always want to look great when you’re at the club, but some shoes are better than others for dancing.

Platform Sandals

Slip your feet into a pair of platform sandals for that easy club vibe. When you wear these lightweight but chunky sandals, you’ll barely feel them while you dance until dawn. Platform sandals are super sassy, and they give you extra height while being easy on your feet. Grab a pair with chic T-straps in a metallic or neutral color, and you’ll have the perfect complement to any outfit, from jeans to miniskirts and dresses.

Slingback Shoes with Short Heels

Jennifer Lawrence wore these shoes in Silver Linings Playbook, and they’re the favorites of a lot of ballroom dancers. Some slingbacks are better than others for dancing. You don’t want them with very high heels unless you only plan to dance for a couple of songs. Some of the most stylish clubbing shoes in 2022 are the 1.5-inch slingback mules with pointy toes made by Prada and Gucci. They look fantastic with wrap skirts.

Bejeweled High Heels with Straps

These shoes aren’t the best for dancing, but they’ve been a mainstay of club fashion since disco fever swept the world in the 1970s. You have to get used to dancing in these shoes, and they’re not recommended for dancing all night. Plus, you’ll always risk losing a few fantasy stones and studs when the dance floor is crowded. Make sure the straps are strong enough so they don’t snap off while you’re dancing. These are probably the classiest shoes you can wear to the club, even though dancing in them can be tricky.


Boots are typically a lot more comfortable than heels because they give you more ankle and foot support that lasts all night. If you’re going for a classic look when visiting San Diego nightclubs, try ankle boots or boots with open toes. For something more feisty and fun, glam it up with a pair of knee-high tall boots and a retro-style miniskirt. Everyone in the club will know those boots are made for dancing.

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