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Tips & Tricks For Bottle Service

Tips & Tricks For Bottle Service

Tips & Tricks For Bottle Service

If you don’t love bottle service, then you haven’t tried our tips and tricks for making the most of it. We know the ins and outs (trust us) and we’re going to make sure you take full advantage of it.

Plan and book in advance. Knowing ahead of time will give you the opportunity to tell all your friends, and make sure they follow through! Plus, more time to get excited about the upcoming night and pick out the perfect outfit. For all the information needed call or text our bottle service line at 619.876.8044.

Make sure your host knows the details. Let them know how many people you expect and what the occasion is. This will give them the chance to make it a special experience — even if it’s just a fun girls’ night out.

Let us at Onyx know if it’s anyone’s first time, so we can cater to your group. A lot of people don’t take total advantage of the inexpensive (or free!) add-ons, so we’ll make sure you have every opportunity to make this experience unique.

Take some cash ahead of time and keep it separate from what you’re planning to spend. This way you can be assured you won’t be scrounging through your bag at the end of the night looking for tips. Every person in the industry knows that cash tips are usually prefered.

Stay hydrated! This is so crucial. Drinking water is going to keep you going and having fun way longer. Getting bottle service is exciting, but you don’t want to over do it and regret it the next day. Make sure your friends stay hydrated too, and they’ll thank you.

Get comfortable. Wear an outfit that looks great, but also feels comfortable to sit in. Going to a club usually means dancing around the dancefloor all night because there’s nowhere to sit.  With bottle service you’ll be able to sit down, relax, and then get up and dance when you’re ready. So make sure you wear the right outfit.

Relax. Have fun! This is a special night, so make sure you enjoy it.

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