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Why You Should Go See J Balvin Perform Live

Why You Should Go See J Balvin Perform Live

In October 2020, Billboard magazine named José Álvaro Osorio Balvín, better known as J Balvin, as one of the most influential Latin American pop music artists of all time. The Colombian rapper has been a Billboard mainstay since he dropped the reggaeton hit “Mi Gente” in 2017, and his new “In Da Ghetto” collaboration with Skrillex marks the 31st time one of his tracks has been in the Billboard Top 100. 

On April 24th, J Balvin will perform live at the Pechanga Arena in San Diego as part of his Jose Tour 2022, which includes many North American cities. You’ll know his music if you spend any time at the best clubs in San Diego, and if you haven’t attended a J Balvin performance, here are a few reasons you shouldn’t miss the chance to catch him live.

J Balvin’s Guinness World Record

In 2020, Balvin’s Colores album received 13 Latin Grammy nominations, which broke the Guinness World Record previously held by Puerto Rican group Calle 13. In that same year, Balvin also made the list of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People.

The Rise of Colombian Reggaeton

Even though reggaeton music originated in Panama and later flourished in Puerto Rico, Balvin gets the credit for reggaeton’s explosion in his native Medellín and across Colombia. His success is the reason Maluma and Karol G became reggaeton artists. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry says Balvin is one of the most successful Latin artists who have expanded the reach of Spanish-language music. Musicians like Shakira and even Enrique Iglesias had to cross over into English to take their music global, but Balvin hasn’t felt the need to do that.

Taking Reggaeton in a New Direction

A lot of Balvin’s hits don’t sound like the reggaeton we heard from the 1990s until about 2015, which is when he started to have some early success. One of the reasons Balvin has attracted so many fans to the genre is that he likes to mix it up musically, which explains his collaboration with stars like Cardi B, Pitbull, Alejandro Sanz, and Pharrell. Balvin has done a lot to bring reggaeton into the mainstream, and he says this is mostly because of his love of electronic dance music and trap.

Balvin’s Feud with Residente

It’s been rumored that Balvin’s career has been carefully crafted by a team of marketers, publicists, ghostwriters, and unrecognized producers. Though Balvin has denied this, Puerto Rican reggaeton legend Residente recently recorded a fiery diss track about it. Balvin is committed to showing his musical cred is for real, and he intends to prove it with new tracks he’ll be previewing during his current concert tour.

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